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Play and learn in a fun, crazy and colorful oceanworld

Get ready for school! Practice math, english, rhyming, the clock, colors and much more for kids 4-7 years. All the fun characters speak in your own native language.

Miniclub is a fun and educational app for children aged 5–8 that combines learning and play in a way that keeps your child engaged. And because all the loving characters speak in your own native language, the game is really easy to understand. Also, the game features great artwork, sound and music, three levels of difficulty per assignment - and it's safe and free of ads! (see below).

All assignments in Miniclub are based on the public school system in Scandinavia and have been developed in collaboration with teachers and children.

Depending on country and language, Miniclub is also known as Miniklub, Miniklubb and MiniSchool. In the following, I'll just call it Miniclub for simplicity.

News, articles and reviews

August 2021 - MiniSchool was recently featured positively in an App Review on Thank you! :) Read review.

July 2020 - Miniclub was recently featured on in their article Top Underrated Educational Games To Play. Thank you GamesKeys! :) Read article.

You'll get these assignments

Miniclub includes the following fun and unique assignments:

Math with Peter the Pelican

Go fishing with Peter the Pelican and see how many fish you can catch and count - and eat!
Includes more than 100 assignments with addition and subtraction.

Time to learn the clock - with the Time-crabs!

Visit the crazy time-crabs and pratice how to tell the time.
Includes assignments with minutes, quarters, and hours.

Captain Walrus teaches English words

Captain Walrus has landed his airship and has a suitcase packed full of words.
Includes 70 words with illustrations.

Rhyme with the rhyme pirates

In the Rhyme Pirates’ sunken ship, att the bottom of the ocean, awaits the old book of rhymes.
Includes more than 65 words that are combined to make over 100 rhymes.

Multiplication with Spinning Windy

Spin Windy’s wings and catch the bubbles while you learn to multiply.
Includes 10 tables and random mode for extra challenges.

The Tentacle beast teaches colors

Get creative with the one-eyed Tentacle beast and learn the names of the colors while you color!
Includes 9 beautiful pictures and funny stickers.

Sounds great. Where can I get it?

Miniclub is available for iPad/iPhone and Android in English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch and Polish. Each language has it's own dedicated app that's available in two versions: a free and a paid version.

Confusing? - don't worry, the two versions are exactly the same and cost about the same in total. The free app lets you try a couple of assignments and then you can purchase the rest if you like the game. The paid version is purchased up-front in the App Store/Google Play and includes everything - this version, of course, has no in-game puchase options as the free version has.

See available languages and links to stores below:


Miniklub (iPad/iPhone) Miniklub (Android)
Or try the free version for iPad/iPhone


Miniklubb (iPad/iPhone) Miniklubb (Android)
Or try the free version for iPad/iPhone


Miniklubb (iPad/iPhone) Miniklubb (Android)
Or try the free version for iPad/iPhone


Miniclub (iPad/iPhone) Miniclub (Android)
Or try the free version for iPad/iPhone

Does it contain ads?

No! This game is safe and child-friendly. There's no third-party advertising which means your child will not be forced to see annoying banners and video ads while playing the game. The game does promote a few of our other child-friendly games, and if you play the free version, it does present purchase options when trying to access parts of the game that are locked, however, the actual purchase flow cannot be entered without going through a Parent Gate mechanism. If in doubt, just get the paid version.

Did you create Miniclub all by yourself?

No. I was a part of the talented crew that created Miniclub. I always liked the game, so when I got the chance, I decided to give it a new home here at Northmice. Miniclub is a great for nordic kids - a refreshing alternative to the incredibly vast ocean of english speaking childrens apps out there. And, it's premium quality.

Help! I need support!

No problem. Please use the contact form here.

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