Massive Graveyard update released

All areas of the game have been updated and a huge load of new stuff has been added.

Extremely, mega, incredibly happy to announce that the long awaited G-G-Graveyard update for Tapporcry is finally available on the App Store and Google Play! Watch the updated trailer below.

It was supposed to take just a few months, but (surprise, surprise) ended up taking a year to complete. In retrospect, it's been a fun and creative project - and yes, along the way I got pretty tired of working on it. But having invested so much time and effort, I simply had no other options than to finish and release it. Just had to put one foot in front of the other and slowly work my way through it. Good ol' patience and perseverance.

All areas of the game have been updated and a huge load of new stuff has been added. The game has a lot more going for it now and I'm sure players will find it more interesting, fun and challenging.

The new Graveyard level is probably the most significant part of the update. It required a massive amount of work to complete, which I've documented in earlier posts. I think it turned out really well and captures the mood I was aiming for. There's so many cool details in this level, for instance, lazy zombies that will repeatedly attack you until you kill them - or the werewolf that will bite at you several times while slowly closing in on you for the final kill.

There's also some nicely animated mist and creepy tree branches that sway in the wind.

Anti-Portal Crystals is another new feature in the game. The crystals were added to create a new primary objective/achievement for each level. So now the game is not only about survival, but about surviving long enough to collect all the crystals. I also added achievements for number of kills and stars collected - and I have many more ideas for achievements which will likely be the focus of my next update.

Here's what's included in the update:

  • The Graveyard! New creepy level, new monsters and new awesome music
  • New Anti-Portal Crystals - collect them all!
  • Some monsters now have multiple attacks
  • Added Level Select screen with stats and achievements
  • Improved Game Over screen with more scores and Bonus Coins
  • Better looking monsters and monster health
  • Access to Options from anywhere in the game
  • Tons of bug fixes and improvements

Go play the new version today! Spend some quality time with it. Leave a review in the store, share it with your friends, spread the word - it all helps.

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