Devlog #1: Me vs. Me and a Cat

"Don't worry. It'll all get done ... eventually. It'll be perfect! ... Purrrrfect!"

Talking to myself again in a demanding voice. "It's too quiet here! What's going on and what's that strange smell? Were you sleeping? ... is that drool on your keyboard?"

With his pale face dimly lit by the bluish, flickering light from his monitor, (other) Me slowly turned his head and gazed at Me with a distant and frightened stare. He then responded with his squeaky voice "N..No! It's not ... I promise! I'm still working on the new level for Tapporcry which led me to create a new Level Select screen, which led me to the introduction of Anti-Portal Crystals, which led me to redo the Game Over screen, which led me to prepare the game for Achievements, which led me to not post anything anywhere for a very long time."

"It's not drool on my keyboard! It's blood! My fingers are crippled and worn out from all this coding. They are down to the bones!"

"Wha..what! You want proof? ... but the update is not nearly ready yet!". The old cat on (other) Me's lap had woken and was hissing in recentment. Clearly not satisfied with the situation and considering a revisit to his favourite spot in the neighbour's flowerbed.

Me (the first Me), a man of few words, slowly pointed his long bony finger at (other) Me - "show ... me".

Somewhere outside, the familiar sound of shackles and the wild bleating of Weird Goat could be heard. Always a sign of trouble.

"Well, alright ... if you insist. I've got these pictures, well, not of my fingers ... they are from the game. And don't worry. It will all get done ... eventually. It'll be perfect!"

Then, with a sneaky look in his eyes, (other) Me added "It'll be ... Purrrrrfect!"

New (cool looking)
New (cool looking) "Level Select" screen.
Redesigned "Game Over" screen.

Ah, I know - that was a pretty weird post. Great stuff!