Tapporcry shipped (and Released)

Oh my goodness! I'm extremely excited!

The day finally came when I checkmarked the last entry on my mile long and ever expanding todo list, made the final build and sent Tapporcry off to it's new home at Apple - and a glorious future on the App Store.

It's a really, really great and satisfying feeling. Pure relief.

I imagine it must be like climbing a mountain, for years, and then finally taking the last few steps. Finally standing there. At the top. With a clear blue sky and the sun shining bright from above. Aaaahhhhh! - taking a deep breath of fresh, cold, unpolluted mountain air. There's peace and quiet here.

I've been wanting so bad to reach this top for weeks. It was sooo close, I could almost reach it, but I kept getting pushed back down and slapped in the face.

Apple wouldn't let me upload my awesome Preview videos. Got that working. Payed $99 to get rid of the ugly, mandatory splash screen that got its revenge by introducing some weird bugs in its absence. Got that working. Apple then rejected my upload to iTunesConnect thanks to the game framework disliking my distribution certificate and provisioning profile. Got that working. Learned that Corona Labs, the company developing the game framework I use and love to use, is shutting down in two months. Well, ouch! I'm sure that will work out somehow. No worries there, right? [Update: Corona SDK lives on and is now open-source and called Solar2D]

For now, it's back to feeling great!

Update: Tapporcry is now available on the App Store! To my surprise, it went straight through Review and was released in less than a day.

It's now at the bottom of the App Store. It's in the insanely massive pile of more than two million apps and almost nobody knows of its existence. That part really makes me question why I'm doing this at all. For so long, the goal has been to simply create my own game and release it. Now that it's out I seriously need to put on the marketing hat and start promoting my game. I'm ready to do that!

...but for now, it's back to feeling great - again!

Go download Tapporcry today (it's free) - more info on the Tapporcry page.