Working on The Graveyard

My mind is not the bottleneck. Getting it from the depths of my twisted brain and into the game is.

With Tapporcry released on both iOS and Android it's time to build it bigger and better while not forgetting about marketing of course. So, here's a sneak peek at the upcoming level I'm working on - The Graveyard!

I have five themed levels planned for Tapporcry (or locations as I also refer to them) which will each feature new sneaky enemies, achievements, new music and much more.

Drawing props for The Graveyard

Getting the atmosphere for each level right is essential and The Graveyard is the perfect place to start. I really enjoy working on the dark and creepy mood. Not getting too creepy though, but keeping more of a cartoonish-funny-creepy style - and also not getting too dark, so the player can't see anything when playing the game in bright daylight.

I know exactly what I want and how it should look and feel. My mind is not the bottleneck. Getting it from the depths of my twisted brain and into the game is.

It took some time to draw all the background props. Mostly because my old trusty Wacom Intuos 3 was no longer supported on MacOS and trying various internet hacks and tricks couldn't revive it. However, this actually turned out to be a good thing because it forced me to really start using my iPad and Apple Pencil instead. Did some research into sketching apps and was completely blown away by Adobe's Fresco.

For my current sketching and vector drawing needs, it's the perfect solution (and it's part of my Creative Cloud subscription). It's fast, smooth and convinient - and just getting these awesome tools into my strong creative hands has boosted my drawing skills significantly. Drawings get increasingly better and I've come to the rather uplifting realization that I'm actually pretty darn decent at it.

Next up, drawing all the new enemies for the graveyard.

Enjoying the process all the way.